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Established in August 2011, Plugdin works with businesses of all sizes across Scotland, providing our fantastic and reliable IT & Telecoms Support.

We are committed and trustworthy experts in our field.


Whether you’re launching a new business or hoping to take it to the next level, with deadlines, limited budgets, or general day-to-day pressures, it’s easy to forget just how much you actually rely on technology.

The very term IT can be terrifying, and sometimes it can seem easier to work around obstacles rather than go in search of solutions, especially if you don’t even know where to start.

But why disregard the very things that could make life easier? Costs can often be the main factor to impact decisions, but a small investment can often reap huge rewards.

At Plugdin Business Solutions, we encourage you to embrace the fact that technology, when used correctly, can be your biggest asset and, in some cases, your greatest saviour.

Lack of knowledge may be a hurdle, but at Plugdin Business Solutions, we don’t expect you to be the experts. So, tell us about the difficulties you’re facing or simply ask us if there is a way to make your business work better because, unlike you, we thrive on all things IT!

From general IT support to unified telecoms, installing the latest software to disaster recovery, we can be your outsourced helpdesk, offering as large or as small an input as you require.

As trying as they may be to you, your issues are seldom unique and, even if they are, we love to put ourselves to the test and look forward to making your challenges, ours.

Plugdin Business Solutions – problems, solved

Our Services

Managed IT Support

Although crucial, IT is often one of the most underinvested areas of any small business. Few of us have time to devote to things we know little about and, even when we do, that time is seldom well spent.

Disaster Recovery

Businesses often live in fear of hackers, where networks/servers can be invaded and confidential data encrypted, with no promise that this data will ever be returned even if a ransom is paid.

IT Consulting Services

Creating anything with impact, requires a proper brief. That’s why, as IT Consultants, we take a great deal of time and care to understand the everyday demands of your business and to evaluate your existing network.

Network Management

With network management, our ultimate aim is to provide and maintain an intuitive, high performing, fault free system.

Telecom Service

Streamlining is the key to good business, and no more so than with telecoms. From structured cabling to video conferencing, email to high speed broadband, demands to be up-to-date with the latest, fastest and most efficient technology have never been greater.

Cloud Computing

The time has come to listen to colleagues, customers, suppliers and collaborators, because the way the world works is changing.

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