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Disaster Recovery

Businesses often live in fear of hackers, where networks/servers can be invaded and confidential data encrypted, with no promise that this data will ever be returned even if a ransom is paid.

With highly effective, affordable solutions available, why take the risk of losing everything?

In spite of what you may be told, it’s almost impossible to prevent a determined hacker infiltrating your system, however, you can have a fully protected backup in place allowing you to remain in action and in business should a problem arise.

Plugdin have additional super secure, off-site cloud backups in place that simply cannot be touched, guaranteeing that your data will always be retrieved. Real time alerts can notify us instantly if your system has been breached, allowing us to act immediately.  

Whether during the working day or at the weekend, day or night, we can action recovery so that your system can be restored to normal, possibly before you are even aware of the problem.

Hackers target weaknesses in your system. Plugdin put can put the very latest security measures in in place so that, from hacking to fire or water damage, we can offer low cost, peace of mind solutions.

Looking for some peace of mind?

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