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Managed IT Support

Although crucial, IT is often one of the most underinvested areas of any small business. Few of us have time to devote to things we know little about and, even when we do, that time is seldom well spent.  But being unable to afford a dedicated IT department needn’t mean you do without.


As a managed service provider, Plugdin can be your dedicated IT Helpdesk, there to assist with everyday issues, to keep you informed of the latest technology or to troubleshoot in times of crisis.

At Plugdin, we can help with:

General system monitoring

Server maintenance

Computer errors

Software updates

System failures

Security threats


Good management is all about efficiency, maximizing capacity and preempting problems, ensuring that we are on top of any issues before they are able to impact your business. Our operations dashboard flags up a slow-running system, lack of disc space, a security breach or software update, notifying us of an issue as soon as it happens. As a great deal of our work can be taken care of out with hours, or even without your knowledge, a successful partnership will often result in the fact that you may seldom know we are there.


Talk to us about our ongoing maintenance packages, because asking us to do the things we do best, will allow you to do the same.

Looking for some peace of mind?

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